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Why KidzWrites?

You might be wondering about why I chose to do this and not put my time and money into something like a phone. It is because I care about others and about young people being happy, safe and able to have a voice.

I just had my birthday and wanted to use the birthday money I had to give something back to the community. In thinking about how I could make a difference, I began to think about how we could connect and learn from each other. Here, the idea of KidzWrites was born! I am passionate about children’s rights and in ensuring every young person has a voice. So, here are the 5 W’s behind KidzWrites:

  1. Who? Well, this is the internet so I can’t divulge who I am! However, I write under my pen name KW. I am a young person and want to ensure all that all young people can be heard.
  2. Why? To try to make an impact on other young people’s lives by having a safe forum to share thoughts, experiences and ideas no matter who you are or where you are from. KidzWrites is global.
  3. What? A safe online place where a young person can have their voice heard and their opinions expressed, without being criticized or judged. It also provides an opportunity to write and learn how to communicate.
  4. Where? Online via
  5. When? We launched at the beginning of 2022.

So, how does it work?

Young people around the world can write about any topic that they are interested in sharing up to a maximum of 500 words. They must follow the rules that ensure we all stay safe and are respectful to each other and our communities. All writers write under a secret ‘Pen Name’ so they cannot be identified. The writing is submitted via the website on a Google form and I then review submissions to ensure they meet the rules before posting online.

So… get writing!

‘Child write in a notebook. Close up hand and pen’ Adobe.

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