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The Benefits of Having a Dog by KW, Switzerland

I finally got dog this summer after years of trying to persuade my parents. I had recently just moved and I was really struggling to settle down but, when my dog joined our family, it really changed everything.

For this reason, I think that having a dog is perfect and amazing. It really finishes off your family. And this is not just me that thinks this, the research clearly shows the same. Here is what I found from the American Kennel Club (AKC), one of the world’s leading Dog charities :

  1. Dogs make us feel less alone.
  2. Dogs are good for your heart.
  3. Dogs help you stop stressing out.
  4. Dogs help us cope with crisis
  5. Dogs encourage you to move.
  6. Dogs make you more attractive—even virtually.
  7. Dogs make us more social.
  8. Dogs are so adorable they make us love them
  9. Dogs make us happier
  10. Dogs help seniors with cognitive function and social interaction.

In conclusion, I think that if everything is right and it suits your family, you should get a dog that will make a great impact on your life. It is a lifelong commitment though, as some dogs can even live to 20!  AKC has shared 75 ways that you can be a good dog owner. You can read more here.

Dogs are loyal, loving and will give you loads of cuddles and kisses when you want them. When you come back from a big day at school, they will always be there to make you smile, to play with and to have cuddles.   They make great companions and you can be a great companion to them too!

My dog enjoying the snow!