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‘Ben and the Great Castle’ by SA, Age 8, Qatar

Ben and the great castle. Once upon a time there was a boy called Ben. Ben wished to be a prince or king. He always asked his parents to see a castle on a mountain. He always has adventures with his friend and his dog. In 6:00 PM Ben and his friend (Lizzy) went under the bushes and saw a key so they took it. They searched every where for an area with a lock but they didn’t find a lock. But then Lizzy remembered there was a store with a lock. So they unlocked the room. They went inside there was stairs going up. They took some time to go up to the top of the stairs but they saw a castle Ben was so happy. Then the king came out of the castle and said Oh boy did you know your gonna be the next king? Ben could not believe it. Then, they lived happily ever after.

The end

Key to the Castle is a photograph by Olivier Le Queinec