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‘The Guardian Box of the Universe’, Chapter 1, by SB, Age 8, Qatar

Chapter One

Helix Nebula by NASA

Beginning of the battle. Above the universe lay a place only few people could go. The guardian box of the universe. A wizard named Corsin lived there with his son Yatin, who could shoot destructive bolts out of his hands. All was well, until the sorcerer Danshal came. Corsin got out his sword. He and Danshal used magic differently, They fought and fought while Yatin tried to escape, but then a weird wisp of silver fog came and in front of Yatin the fog took a human shape. Suddenly, it sent a blast of silver fog from its hand that wrapped around Yatin’s neck. Yatin shot a power bolt down that propelled him out of the fog choking him, out of the guardian box of the universe and onto a planet below.

Watch this space for Chapter 2!