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‘The Battle of the Village’, Chapter 2, by SB, Age 8, Qatar

Yatin’s body ached. He had fallen unconscious from the fall. He saw wood.

“Hello, anyone there?” he said. No answer. He sat up and saw two teenagers. “Hi.” He said. “Tell us who you are.” Said one of the boys, who was wearing brown clothes and readying a bow. “I am Yatin, son of Corsin, he was killed by a sorcerer and I narrowly escaped.” The boy shot the arrow but Yatin blasted it. “Rirachor! Shooting arrows at him won’t help!” Said the other boy,  who was wearing armour. “You stay out of this, I am protecting you, he fell out of the sky, we can’t trust him.” replied Rirachor. The other boy grabbed a rope and tied Rirachor up. “I’m sorry.” Said the boy. “I’m Kotomblarc and this is my older brother Rirachor, he doesn’t trust strangers because of anonymous kills happening.”  Suddenly a voice yelled “bring me Yatin’s head!” Everyone went outside. There was a man in the air wearing black clothes and a cape. Blood red fire came out of his hands. “Dekuzo the destructor!” Exclaimed Yatin. “There you are.” said  Dekuzo “I suggest surrendering now. In case you can’t see, I’ve got one army of those silver wisps, one army of goblins and one of trolls.”

Goblins came riding on black panthers towards them. Kotomblarc got out his sword and his shield. Rirachor readied his bow and they fought. Trolls came and died. Blood was everywhere. Then a silver wisp came, an arrow shot from a rooftop and killed the silver wisp. Elves!

Their weapons could kill the wisps! But Dekuzo was angry, he made lava erupt from the middle of town. “Follow me!” yelled Rirachor, he was a hunter so he knew where forests were. They ran and just escaped the spreading lava. They looked back and saw that the village was now burning ash. Then they went into the forest.